Take this quiz to see if your current parking management provides a good mobility experience for your employees.

How many spaces are there in your parking lot?

How many employees drive to work and therefore need a parking space?

Do all your employees have a parking space in your parking lot?

How do you manage parking access rights?

Are your employees able to plan their mobility?

Are your employees satisfied with your company's parking management?

What are the main reasons your employees complain?

Is the smart management of your parking lot currently included in your mobility plan?

Why don't you include smart parking management in your mobility plan?

Is there a parking policy in place in your company parking lot?

How is this parking policy implemented?

Why is there no parking policy in place?

Do you offer additional services to the simple parking of vehicles inside your parking lot (bike parking, charging stations, carpooling spaces)?

How do you manage access to these spaces?

Why don't you offer such services?

"Parking management software is an effective tool used to encourage employees to adapt their mobility."