Answer this quiz to know if your different parking lots are managed in an optimal way.

How many buildings with parking lots do you manage simultaneously?

How many parking spaces does this represent, approximately?

Do you feel that you have all the necessary information to enable you to properly manage the parking of your various assets?

How do you manage the use of all your parking lots?

How is access to your parking lots managed?

How would you describe your tenants in relation to the parking lot?

What do you do when your tenants do not respect their parking leases and exceed their quotas?

Do you think that a parking management tool based on access control and occupancy calculation per tenant would be an effective solution to help you manage access to the parking lot for the different tenants?

Are there shared areas within your parking lots (bicycle parking, spaces with charging stations)?

How do you manage these shared areas?

Are the spaces self-service or do you charge users or renters for the consumption of these spaces?

Are there any unoccupied spaces in your different parking lots?

Do you plan to do something about this under-utilization of the parking lot?