Answer this quiz to know if it is possible to simplify the management of your parking lot.

How many parking spaces are you responsible for in your building?

How many users need a parking space?

How are the accesses managed in your parking lot?

Is it common for visitors to need access to your parking lot?

How do you manage visitor access to your parking lot?

Do you feel you have all the information you need to manage your parking?

Is there a parking policy in place for your company parking lot?

How is this parking policy implemented?

Why is there no parking policy in place?

Would you be interested in testing a parking management system for free?

"A management software is an efficient tool for a standardized, simplified and secure parking management"

Do you offer additional services to the simple parking of vehicles inside your parking lot (bicycle parking, charging stations, spaces dedicated to carpooling)?

How do you manage access to these spaces?

Why don't you offer such services?