Case study: Bougues Immobilier

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Founded in 1956, Bouygues Immobilier, a subsidiary of the Bouygues group, is one of the leading real estate developers in France.

As an operator committed to sustainable development and innovation, Bouygues' objective is to respond perfectly to its customers' expectations by making the city mixed, scalable, economical, and intelligent.


Download this case study to discover how Bouygues Immobilier can:

  • Generate a regular income on 50 parking spots 
  • Offer parking spaces to employees and visitors of companies in need of additional parking spaces nearby
  • Maximize the mutualization of the parking between different users by using a parking management system

Izix - 1st rebranding - EN Case study Bouygues 2021


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The parking challenges are complex and important. With Izix we have been able to establish an effective, reactive collaboration that offers an innovative solution, both for developers and communities concerning parking issues.

Carine RajDirector of Major Urban Projects North West Region, Bouygues Immobilier