Customer Case: Proximus

How to integrate the parking in the company mobility budget?

About Proximus

The Proximus Group is a digital services and communication provider in Belgium. The company counts more than 14.000 employees. Most of them work in the Proximus Towers in Brussels or on the regional sites (Antwerp, Liège...)


  • Parking locations managed by Izix: Proximus Towers and 3 regional sites

  • Parking spots: +850

Towards a reinvented mobility policy

Proximus has had a mobility policy in place for a long time but in the past years, it became hard to maintain and to adapt in line with the increasing need for flexibility.

Thus, in 2021, Proximus decided to reinvent mobility and launched a brand new, sustainable and multimodal mobility plan for all employees. The mobility budget encompasses a variety of mobility options and gives each employee the flexibility to select the most suited combination.

Incorporated into their digital ecosystem, Vaigo was selected as the solution to centralize the management of this budget.

The parking challenges of Proximus

The Izix solution

Izix was integrated in the mobility budget solution to ensure the smoothest mobility experience for all employees

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Adaptation of the parking to the flex office Izix solution evolved at the same time as the building (evolving access types, new sites management...)
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Multi-site management in one unique tool One unique system to manage and use the Towers and regional sites parkings
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Integrate parking in the mobility budget app Vaigo already used by employees Each employee opts for their preferred parking options and is being deducted from their mobility budget
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Ease access with automatic recognition of license plates Izix installed ANPR cameras for immediate access to the parking without badge or code
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4 sites managed
+2500 parking lot
40% Reduction in


The solution was in line with Proximus ambitions for the mobility of their employees. It guaranteed them to be able to use one unique tool to access all the office sites of the company. The integration with the mobility budget app ensured that each one used the parking according to the credits they had.

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